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Forging Forever is an ongoing romance series featuring relatable characters overcoming real-world obstacles to build love that lasts.

Mending Heartstrings (Forging Forever #1) is a sensual contemporary romance in which one unforgettable night draws an up-and-coming country singer and a disillusioned writer into a remarkable romance neither believed possible.

Tasting Temptation (Forging Forever #2) is a sizzling contemporary romance. After last summer's failed attempt at romance, Gina is absolutely done with men. And especially with millionaires. But scratching an itch with the bartender at her best friend's wedding couldn't hurt. Right?

Taking Chances (Forging Forever #2.5) is a sweet contemporary novella, in which a young singer named Liz Anne jumps at the chance of free lessons from professional guitarist Bobby. But Liz Anne has a secret. And if Bobby ever found out, he'd run the other way—taking with him her chance of building a better life.

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